IBM’s Ambitious Plan to Double Fresh Graduate Hiring in India | IBM Recruitment 2024

IBM is trying something new in India. Instead of focusing only on big cities like Bengaluru and Hyderabad, they’re now looking at smaller cities like Ahmedabad and Kochi. They want to hire more people and expand their operations in these places.

Why Smaller Cities?
Ahmedabad and Kochi are becoming important for IBM. They’re growing fast and attracting smart people who want good jobs.

IBM Recruitment 2024

Getting More People on Board : IBM Recruitment 2024
IBM plans to hire a lot more people all over India, especially fresh graduates. They have programs to train them well.

Challenges in Big Cities
Although IBM still wants to grow in cities like Bengaluru, it’s not easy. Finding and keeping good employees there is hard because there’s a lot of competition.

Kochi: A Place for Teamwork
Kochi is doing really well for IBM. People there work together and share ideas a lot. It’s a young and energetic place.

Future Plans
IBM believes Kochi will become very important for them in the next five years. They’re investing more there and in Ahmedabad too.

Supporting Leaders in New Places
IBM is also helping people grow into leadership roles in these new cities. For example, Sudheesh Kairali is leading a team in Kochi.

IBM’s New Strategy
IBM’s move to smaller cities shows how the tech industry in India is changing. By focusing on finding new talent and encouraging teamwork, they hope to do big things in Ahmedabad and Kochi.