IIT Madras offers free IT courses on SWAYAM platform, don’t miss opportunity

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras is broadening its educational portfolio with the introduction of nine new courses on the SWAYAM Plus platform. This initiative, under the Ministry of Education, aims to cater to the diverse learning needs of students.

SWAYAM Plus, spearheaded by IIT Madras, acts as a bridge between academic learning and industry requirements by imparting practical skills and knowledge directly relevant to the evolving job market.

These courses cover a wide array of fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Applied Data Science, Backend Development (Java Spring Boot), Cybersecurity Analysis, and Android Application Development (utilizing Kotlin and Flutter), among others.

This platform represents an enhanced version of the SWAYAM portal, fostering a fully digital ecosystem where learners, educators, and industry professionals can seamlessly engage and exchange information.

The courses offered by IIT Madras on SWAYAM Plus have been accredited at level 5 and 5.5 of the National Credit Framework (NCRF), ensuring academic recognition and opening avenues for professional advancement for students.

Moreover, through the SmartBridge program, IIT Madras leverages digital technologies and interactive tools to enhance the learning experience. This facilitates dynamic access to resources and fosters interactive engagement with course materials.

For further details on these courses, please visit [link to courses].

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