TCS, Accenture actively hiring engineering graduates from campuses | IT Jobs 2024

Good news for engineering graduates! After a difficult placement season last year, leading IT companies like TCS, HCLTech, and Accenture are actively recruiting for the Class of 2024, bringing much-needed optimism to both students and colleges.

TCS takes the lead: They’ve offered positions to a significant 10% of the batch at VIT Vellore, with packages ranging from ₹3-4 lakh to ₹9 lakh. Similarly, Accenture has hired over 150 students from SRMIST, with some roles offering competitive packages of approximately ₹12 lakh annually.

A lifeline for colleges: These proactive approaches are a lifesaver for engineering colleges that rely heavily on IT companies for placements. They provide stability for colleges and ensure a smooth transition for graduating students.

Challenges remain: While the increase in hiring is positive, the overall number of campus hires is still lower than pre-pandemic levels. The IT sector faces ongoing challenges like market volatility and rapid technological advancements.

Looking ahead: The recent surge in recruitment has ignited hope for a more stable placement season. Major IT companies like Infosys are expected to follow suit, further boosting the employment outlook for engineering graduates.

A brighter future: This trend highlights the importance of aligning education with industry needs. By ensuring graduates have the necessary skills and knowledge, educational institutions can empower them to thrive in the evolving job market.

This rewrite condenses the original article while retaining key information. It emphasizes the positive development of increased hiring, acknowledges remaining challenges, and concludes with a message of hope and a call for adaptation in education.